Enjoy benefits by choosing Medicare Supplement plans at annual enrollment period

The best health insurance plan available to seniors over 65 years of age is Medicare Supplement plans. With these plans, it is possible for seniors to visit almost any specialist, doctor or hospital and also pay very less or even nothing at all to avail their services. However, such plans tend to come with underwriting guidelines, thus making it tough to quality for persons having pre-existing conditions. By using assured issue guidelines to buy any of the plans is sure to make a real difference to the care quality received and out-of-expenses borne for physician and hospital services.

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It is a commonly used guaranteed type of issue period that starts on the month’s first day, when the person has crossed 65 years and has enrolled for Medicare Part B. The period further extends for 6 months, wherein the person can enroll with any of the plans offered by any provider during this time frame without having to answer any health related questions. Plan F of Medicare Supplement plans is preferred by majority of the seniors during initial enrollment period. However, many are compelled to avail Medicare Advantage plans in the last few years and derive inferior coverage.

The other well known guaranteed issue period tends to occur as seniors prefer to work even after crossing their 65 years of age. Often, employer plans are covered during this time and derive superior coverage. But upon leaving the employer plan to finally retire, they do have 63 day assured issue period to enroll in any of the Medicare Supplement plans of their choice. The issue period also includes those having retired, but still covered with previous employers plan.

Superior coverage

Medicare Supplement plans do offer its holders with fabulous coverage when compared to Advantage plans. Hence, the majority these days prefer to avail original Medicare and combine it with supplemental insurance. Seniors in thousands have received letters notifying termination of their existing advantage plan at the year’s end. Such people have special assured issue period, with the criteria of enrolling in any plan type and with any provider of their choice, without having to answer any question related to health. This is a golden opportunity for seniors suffering from health issues and eager to get Medicare Supplement plans. Seniors having purchased Advantage plans in the last two years can get supplement plans and also qualify for guaranteed issue.